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2014 "WATER" Exhibition Concept
for the 2016 Pondy Photo Festival

2014 "Moving Image"
Exhibition Concept and Documentation,
Pondicherry, India

2014 Pondy Photo Festival
Design and Documentation

1996 - 2012 "Wall House", Documentation.
Photographs of hand made building materials in India and
their application in the Wall House in India and
the reconstruction at Venice in 2012 by A. Kundoo.

2010 “Nightbus to Palani”

2008 "Hotel Tamil Nadu"
Ongoing Collection of Sights

2007 "ROOMS"

2006 "Post Tsunami Plates"
Photographic studies on the Andaman Islands and in Tamil Nadu, India

2004 "Andaman Islands"
Joint publication project with ANET (Andaman and Nicobar Islands Environmental Team)

2000 "JASLOK"
Photographic impressions of the life of an Indian family in Bombay

1996 "Deserted Landscapes"
Aerial photography in Big Bend, Arizona und New Mexico, USA

1994 "Rituals"
Photographic studies of religious rituals in Southern India

1992 "Pasquaro", Mexico
Photo impressions from "dia de los muertos" - "the day of the dead"
Andreas Deffner